When Twin Peaks first aired in 1990 it did so with a tag line, “she’s dead, wrapped in plastic”, it created such a buzz that I can still hear the voice over now, the emotion in that line had us talking around the water cooler on a weekly basis.

Well it seems that organics wrapped in plastic has created that same level of emotion and it’s a subject trending on social media. The Malibu Fresh Essentials Facebook page of late finds itself reading comments about this subject from a few of our shoppers.

In researching this blog on Google, we found an on-line petition that has the header, “We’re leaving pointlessly packaged fruit and veg on the shelves. Are you with us”?
There lies the point, what IS the definition of pointlessly packaged fruit and vegetables?

Without understanding why the plastic is there reacting to this petition could mean that the farmers lose out. The shopper leaves the produce, the business sees it doesn’t sell, the business stops buying from the farmer.

About 20% of our business is organic, we strive and work hard to keep the organic area well stocked with produce and at prices that receive comments such as “wow this is so reasonable” or “I would be paying double for this elsewhere”.

We have a dedicated manager and team whose responsibility is the organic section, you will often find our Rebecca in that section. She has noted when people ask about the goods being wrapped in plastic and she explains why then there is always an aha moment.

Her consistent upkeep of the area is what keeps the prices down, the area well stocked and the section to be 100% organic in the true and legal sense.

Every first time visitor receives this environmentally friendly bag as a gift from us.

We considered and discussed how to avoid cross contamination, it worked out cheaper to bag the organic range rather than the general range. By doing this on a smaller section of produce also helped keep the cost of those products down.

I would have thought that having the produce wrapped it would stop a lot of people from handling the food so much and again helping it to keep the true essence of being organic.

The answer is so that we can protect the integrity of us selling you 100% organic produce, consider that a person picks up a regular item and decides they don’t want it and then they put it back in the organic section, well then, we cannot honestly tell you it is free from chemicals and is truly organic.

If we were a 100% organic shop then we could have the produce all kept in separate bins, however as we sell general merchandise we cannot take that risk.

An open bin of say organic apples means there is no way to prevent someone picking up a regular apple and putting it in there, not realising they are cross contaminating the produce, then our customer is not buying what they think they’re buying.

Sadly, it’s just the way it is, we have workshopped ideas and suggestions to see what we can do about this issue and we would welcome any input into this matter, you never know you may just have the resolution not only for us but for all supermarkets

We use recycle bags at the counter, we pack in trays that can be reused for crafts. The locals and shoppers know that being environmental is at the fore front of our business, including being one of the first to have solar power on our roof.

Malibu Fresh Essentials is a fresh produce retailer where you can be assured of the freshest and finest quality foods, the best customer service and the best prices.

You’ll be delighted at the variety you’ll find. Malibu Fresh Essentials are more than just a ‘green grocer’. From gourmet and multi-cultural foods to meat and dairy products, you’ll also find so much more.

We offer a Members Card so you’ll save on your shopping and we offer free for first timers a re-usable shopping bag, which is a wonderful way to care for our environment.

Malibu Fresh Essentials is an award-winning business with a strong loyal following, we open from 8am each day and close at 7pm each night, you can find us at 110 Malibu Road Safety Bay.

Sharyn McCaskey
Social Media Manager
Per Malibu Fresh Essentials

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