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At Malibu Fresh Essentials we understand that more and more people are becoming conscious of their health and the food they choose to eat. West Australians are now choosing to shop more regularly and tend to purchase organic, fresh healthy foods and avoid the mass-produced foreign products available today at many supermarkets.

Our store has been thriving since it was first opened in 2000 and, with over 25 years working with organic and conventional fresh food, we know that healthy food does taste better. Our commitment is to always supply the highest-quality fresh products and, where possible, support local Western Australian products and suppliers.

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You’ll find the best local produce as well as well as products from local small business in the shop.

Organic and Free Range info

Organic and free-range food provides many advantages.

While being free of chemicals, organic foods are abundant in nutrition while also being better for the environment.

And free-range eggs, meat, chicken and pork products gives the benefits of the animals having a well-rounded diet of grass, bugs and grain, rather than a strict grain-only diet, as a factor of being able to roam in a paddock, yard or pasture.

Free-range products are good for both the animal and for your health.  It’s worth considering free-range rather than conventional whenever you can!


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